Color Products Name C.I. No. Application Send Inquiry Inquiry Basket Details
Ink Coating Plastic and Rubbe Printing
offset Solvent Base Water Base Solvent Base Water Base
Permanent Orange RL(T) P.O.34 details
Permanent Orange RL(OP) P.O.34 details
Permanent Orange HL P.O.36 details
Permanent Red F2R P.R.2 details
Toluidine Red RN P.R.3 details
Permanent Red F4R P.R.8 details
Fast Scarlet Red 2R P.R.21 details
Fast Brilliant Red N P.R.22 details
Fast Brilliant Red N-S P.R.22 details
Fast Scarlet BBN P.R.48:1 details
Fast Scarlet BBN-P P.R.48:1 details
Brilliant Red BBC-P P.R.48:2 details
Brilliant Red BBC-S P.R.48:2 details
Brilliant Red BBC-O P.R.48:2 details
Fast Red BBS P.R.48:3 details
Fast Red BBM P.R.48:4 details
Lithol Scarlet R-O P.R.49:1 details
Lithol Scarlet R-W P.R.49:1 details
Lithol Dark Red P.R.49:2 details
Red Lake C P.R.53:1 details
Red Lake C-P P.R.53:1 details
Red Lake C-NLY P.R.53:1 details
Red Lake C-NLB P.R.53:1 details
Lithol Rubin 4BN Pigment Red 57:1 details
Red Lake C-W P.R.53:1 details

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