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Color Products Name C.I.NO Strength Send Inquiry Inquiry Basket Details
Direct Fast Red BWS Direct Red 243 100% details
Direct Violet BK Direct Violet 9 150% details
Direct Violet 2B Direct Violet 51 100% details
Direct Brilliant Blue 6B Direct Blue 1 100% details
Direct Sky Blue 5B Direct Blue 15 100% details
Direct Dizao Black BH Direct Blue 2 100% details
Direct Blue D-RGL Direct Blue 70 100% details
Direct Fast Blue B-2RL Direct Blue 71 100% details
Direct Sky Blue G Direct Blue 78 250% details
Direct Blue 2RL Direct Blue 80 200% details
Direct Fast Turquoise Blue GL Direct Blue 86 100% details
Direct Fast Brilliant Blue BL Direct Blue 106 200% details
Direct Copper Blue 2B(R) Direct Blue 151 100% details
Direct Fast Turq Blue FBL Direct Blue 199 100% details
Direct Fast Blue 4BL Direct Blue 200 200% details
Direct Fast Blue BRL Direct Blue 201 200% details
Direct Fast Blue 4G Direct Blue 202 200% details
Direct Green BE Direct Green 1 100% details
Direct Green BG Direct Green 6 100% details
Direct Fast Green BLE Direct Green 26 155% details
Direct Green 5GL Direct Green 28 145% details
Direct Yellow Brown D3G Direct Brown 1 100% details
Direct Deep Brown M Direct Brown 2 100% details
Direct Brown 3G Direct Brown 44 150% details
Direct Brown 75 Direct Brown 75 100% details

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