• Optical brightener MST

Optical brightener MST

  • C.I.Flourescent Brightener 353
  • C.I.Flourescent Brightener 353
  • CAS: 55585-28-9
  • Molecular Formula: C40H36N12O20Na6
  • Formula Weight: 1334.10

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Appearance: Light yellowish green powder

Fluorescent strength: 45±2

Ionic character: Anionic

Moisture Content: ≤5%

Properties: The product has an ideal whitening effect on polyester fiber as well as    

polyester fiber-containing fabrics including polyester-cotton blend fabric.


1.Good water solubility and can be dissolved in 3-5 times boiling water, and its solubility is 300g per liter in boiling water and 150g per liter in cooling water.

2. Good resistance to hard water, the ions of Ca2+ and Mg2+ have no influence on its whitening effect.

3. Good resistance to peroxide bleaching agent and containing reductive bleaching agent (sodium hydrosulfite).

4. Good affinity rate is low, acid-proof alkaline, PH2-12 is better, more suitable for pad dyeing whitening process.


Usage: A good whitening agent for cotton, viscose fiber whitening and

carry out fluorescent brightening the pulp.


Packed in 25kgs Fiber Drum



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