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1.PE Migration Resistance Test

0.2% pigment/LDPE(Melt index=20) sample sheets are directly contacted to while flexible PVC sheets which contain 2% TiO2, DOP 80PHR. Pressed at 3kg/cm2, 80, for 24 hours, white PVC sheets are checked the color stain and assessed 5 grades against Gray Scale. Grade 5 indicates no migration, grade 1 means the worst.

2.Light Fastness Test

Pigment sample sheets are exposed to Xenon light for up to 400 hours. The samples are assessed against Blue Wool Scale (1-8). Where grade 8 indicates outstanding performance, grade 1 is very poor.

3.PP Heat Fastness Test

Pigment samples blended with PP, put in a injection machine and kept requested temperature for 5 minutes then injected to sample sheets. Temperature raises by every 10, at which will be determined as the heat fastness temperature, the sample sheets begin to change color by ∆E3.0.

4.Heat Stability Test

1% pigment/LDPE sample sheets are cut and blended with PP resin to make a 0.2% mixture. Put in a injection machine, stay at requested temperature for 10 and 20 minutes separately, then injected to sample sheets. The sample sheets without keeping temperature are taken as standard. To compare with each other assessed 5 grade against Gray Scale. Grade 5 indicates the best, grade 1 means the worst.