Do you know these advantages of vat dye?

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1.Most of vat dyes are middle colors

Vat dyes has a full range of characteristics from yellow to black and bright to general colors.The most important feature of which is the majority of intermediate colors, which are essentially single components, advanced reproducibility, especially green, Olive green, flesh, brown and gray series.

For example, green reactive dyes are generally made of yellow and turquoise colors. Dyeing control is extremely important for combining different performance of reactive dyes. And in the reduction of dyes there are several single structure of the green varieties, not only can meet the different needs, but also have an excellent reproducibility of dyeing when compared with the reactive dyes.

2.Having excellent light fastness and various fastness to light fastness

At present Various fastness to light fastness on cotton fabric, Such as

Perspiration - fastness to sunlight, perspiration - daylight - washing fastness, perspiration - daylight - rubbing fastness, etc. Compared with other types of cotton dyes, vat dyes have special properties Therefore, it is very suitable for dyeing and printing to work clothes, summer clothes, sportswear, coats, curtains, furniture cover.

3. It has excellent chlorine resistance and wet fastness.

To compared with vat dyes and reactive dyes, the former one has better chlorine resistance, no matter the fastness of chlorine water(20ppm) or chlorine(500ppm).In addition, Vat dyes have excellent washing fastness etc, so vat dyes are applicable for the occasions with high requirements of chlorine disinfection and washing resistance, for example, printing and dyeing for fabrics, bedding, covers, bed sheets, clothing, etc. in hotels and hospitals. Especially for the product of the requirements of washing treatment which needs to be washed for many times, the advantage of using vat dyes is more obvious. In addition, vat dyes are also applicable for dyeing and printing of textiles requiring the highest wet fastness. For example, dyeing with reactive dyes and textile fabric dyed with vat dyes.

Also in order to reduce the use of washing water in the United States and Europe and other countries and regions, using strong detergent is putting Four acetyl Ethylenediamine(TAED) into oxide so that could make New detergent or Use a large amount of detergent and wash with warm water in the washing water, through these we can see, Vat dyes also have an advanced fastness.

4.The excellent stability of post processing on printing and dyeing fabric

Besides, vat dye has a very good stability developed in recent years during the improvements of the functional changes in the fiber of the functional processing, such as shape memory processing, morphological stability processing, deodorant processing, antibacterial processing, etc.

5. One bath dyeing suitable for blended fabric

One bath dyeing for polyester/cotton, polyamide/cotton, vinylon/cotton and other blended fabric getting more popular among dyeing and printing industry. Vat dye has this characteristic of the same color dyeing and suitable for one bath continuous dyeing, printing and dyeing method. These fabrics can be used to make student clothes, all kinds of uniforms, moisture permeability coats and special textiles, especially military uniforms and combat suits (such as camouflage), but also has excellent fastness and anti-infrared and other special properties.

6. Can be dyed with natural colors, and extremely clear color sense

Fabrics dyed with vat dyes can be showed colors and features of Europe style of natural plant, for example: A variety of washing or cleaning(Stone washing and bleaching ) of indigo dyed and dyed fabric with vat dyes could make a very clear and natural plant color sensitive textiles.

In a word, compared with vat dyes and other dyes for cotton, the former has a series of various of obvious characters, particular reflected in the fastness properties, therefore, vat dyes is still a kind of dyes for cotton that need to be paid good attention.