Also known as multi-functional pigment dispersant.It 's materials that reduce the accumulation of solid or liquid particles in dispersions. The addition of dispersants and suspending agents in the preparation of emulsifiable concentrates and wettable powders facilitates the formation of dispersions and suspensions and maintains the relatively stable function of the dispersed system.

It contains polymers, molecular weight of 1000 ~ 10 000. Can be closely and firmly bonded to the surface of the pigment particles to achieve high coverage, the thickness of about 10μm, the solvating part of the effective expansion of the dispersion medium, the formation of three-dimensional barrier to provide three-dimensional stability barrier.

There are different types of products. Block-type polymer dispersant which has excellent results, that is, A-B block type. It has: (1) anchor groups adsorbed or bonded to the surface of the pigment; and (2) solvated portions that are well compatible with the film forming material.

COLORCHEM can provide many types of polymer dispersant for coating,ink,color paste,etc.There are the following series:

1.Classification by slovent:


2.Classification by color:

Light brown;Yellowlish;Trasparent;Blue;Orange,etc.

3.Classification by appearance:


4.Classification by application:

1)Coating:Industry paint/glass/alkyd and other non-to-low polarity system;acrylic acid system;leater paint;woodwork paint;coil steal paint;auto paint;repair paint,corrosion protection paint,etc.

2)Ink:Offset ink;xylene soluble ink;gravure ink;china inkjet printing ink;UV inks;alcohol&esters solubel inks;Oil system ink-jet ink,etc.

3)Color paste(Pigment paste)

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