Polyvinyl alcohol is the only water-active organic polymer found so far. Because of its strong adhesion, gas barrier properties, wear resistance, and good compatibility with other resin.Good  chemical and physical properties.


Since the 1940s ,PVA has been used as a slurry in the textile, paper, chemicals, etc. widely used as a sizing agent in the textile industry, a coating and binder in the construction industry, emulsifier and dispersant in the chemical industry, lubricant in the pharmaceutical industry, binder in the paper industry, and  soil improver.

However, the industrial wastewater containing PVA has the characteristics of high COD value and poor biodegradability. If it is discharged into a water body, its large surface activity causes a large amount of foam in the receiving water body, which is unfavorable to reoxygenation of the water body, Heavy metals in the sediment release and release, destroy the water environment.

scholars all over the world,including Chinese&other countries' have done a lot of research on the treatment of industrial wastewater containing PVA, and have made a number of important scientific research achievements.PVA wastewater treatment methods can be roughly divided into three categories, namely, physical methods, chemical and biological methods.


We will introduce these ways in the following month.