Raw Material:It's actual urea-formaldehyde resin.Raw materials are:urea +  formaldehyde + Isobutyl aldehyde

Structure is different from ordinary urea-formaldehyde resin

Appearance:It's a kind of colorless or yellowish aldehyde condensation resin,;White granular&powder.


Can dissolve in almost all the coating solvents, such as aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, ketones, esters, insoluble in water, solubility in nonpolar solvent is small, such as mineral oil, fat hydrocarbon, fatty hydrocarbon and so on, should be careful when using.

Character:Is a kind of multi-functional coating/ink additives.

Excellent compatibility with many resins in coating&printing;excellent yellowing resistance;Can effectively improve the adhesion, hardness, glossiness, solid content and the fullness of the coating.

Comparison with BASF products:

1.Functional group&hydroxy amide group is consistent;Infrared spectrum are almost the same;

2.The molecular weight is about 800,while BASF A81 is 1200 around.


1,  Increase gloss, hardness, and adhesion, fullness, etc for paint& printing ink;

Coatings:wood coatings, metallic paint, glass paint, paint and varnish.

Ink: tablet, filter board, Eva plate, plate.

2,  Can be used as general grinding resin paste;Due to its good compatibility, including compatibility of resin, solvent intermiscibility.

3, Used as a filler resin.

4, Used in alkyd, acrylic ester, epoxy, phenolic resin, amino resin, powder coating.

5, Nail varnish base.

6, Ballpoint pen inks.

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